About Us


Kanser Araştırma Vakfı, was founded by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Camgöz in 2002. Among the founding members (Board of Trustees) are Sabrire Camgöz, Ömer Adal, Güliz Önkal, Salise Özçete and Metin Şadi. In addition to the Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors members are Assist. Assoc. Ertan Akün, Mesut Günsev, Dr. Sevim Bektaş, Raziye Kocaismail and Prof. Ufuk Taneri.


KAV is a foundation registered with the TRNC Foundations Administration; shows extreme sensitivity in financial matters, applies high standards on issues such as transparency and accountability. Every year, their accounts are audited by the administration of the foundations. Adopting the principle of transparency and accountability, we take it as a duty to provide information about how to use the amount obtained in each project.


To prevent the spread of all types of cancer and especially prostate cancer, to take precautions for this purpose, to conduct research and to have them done, to create opportunities for the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients, to make efforts to create them, to make medical treatments for cancer diseases and to produce scientific solutions that will help cancer patients recover, to ensure and do research. To cooperate with similar-purpose foundations, organizations and organizations in order to achieve these goals, and to provide cooperation and cooperation with the 'Pro Cancer Research Fund' in England, and to provide all kinds of financial and moral support to the work of this organization. To open or support research centers or laboratories for the recognition of cancer diseases and to raise awareness of the public about the methods of protection from these diseases. To give scholarships to young people who are educated for this purpose.


  • With our income from donations and events, we have provided scholarships to 7 scientists to contribute to cancer research so far.
  • We published these studies as scientific articles in refereed journals and shared our findings with the world.
  • A KAV fellow created the scientific statistics of cancer cases between 1990 and 2004 in the TRNC and published it in a scientific journal.
  • We update the data by ensuring the continuation of this study.
  • In this way, we will be able to determine the cancer status in Cyprus as a result of studies based on real scientific data.
  • We prepared a documentary on cancer with the support of an EU project to create the right awareness among the public. We delivered this documentary to 25,000 students on CDs and screened at 87 schools. Then, we measured the degree of awareness created by the documentary using statistical methods and determined that the documentary contributed positively to every age group.
  • We investigate the presence of carcinogenic heavy metals in the territory of Cyprus. This study, which was initiated in 2005 with the support of UNOPS, continued in 2013 with an intensive scholarship of £10,000 worth of scholarship. In this context, soil and water carcinogenic metals were examined throughout the TRNC, especially in areas where agriculture is intensely applied. In the next stage, heavy metal residues will be examined in cancer patients, especially in regions where soil and water analyses are made. In this way, the relationship between the environment and cancer and the basis of the cancer problem in TRNC can be clarified.

KAV can carry out all these activities thanks to the activities it has organized since the day it was founded and the donations provided by its supporters. THY supported it as the main sponsor on the 10th anniversary of an Orchid Walk event that we branded among these events. The participation of more than 1000 people in this event, which was supported by Turkish Airlines for the first time as a main sponsor of a non-governmental organization, shows the public's trust in KAV and its activities.
KAV believes that;

  • Early diagnosis saves lives
  • Information means life