Most Common Cancer Treatments

Different treatments are used in cancer treatment depending on the type and spreading pace. One or more of the methods described below can be used in the treatment of cancer. Surgery: Removal of the cancer mass and the tissues reached by the cancer by surgery. Radiotherapy: The treatment method that aims to destroy cancerous cells by irradiating the cancerous tissue using radiation. Chemotherapy: Cancer treatment aimed at killing cancerous cells in the body using chemical drugs that are toxic to the cells. Side effects such as weight loss, hair loss and weakness are the biggest challenge of this treatment method. Immunotherapy: It is a treatment method that aims to strengthen the body's immune system and create a stronger body to fight cancer by using needle therapy. Hormone therapy: Some types of cancer are hormone sensitive and are thought to occur due to hormone deficiency. It is a method that aim to treat by replacing the hormones that are decreasing in the body. Biological therapy: Cancer treatment aimed at killing cancerous cells in the body using some biological drugs. Advantage of this treatment method is that it does not cause hair loss like chemotherapy. However, biological drug therapy is not suitable for all types of cancer. Targeted therapy: It is a type of treatment that prevents the growth of cancerous cells by targeting some molecules in cancer cells. Symptom control and palliative care: It is the method used when other types of treatments are no longer considered to be effective,to protect patients with advanced cancer,from harmful, unpleasant symptoms. Although it does not cure cancer, it reduces the discomfort experienced by the patient and aims to increase the comfort.