Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer can manifest itself with many unexplained symptoms in the human body. Common symptoms in all types of cancer are malaise, high fever and weight loss. Symptoms of different types of cancer also vary. For example, in breast cancer, it is an important symptom that breast mass can be felt by hand. Constant coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath are symptoms of lung cancer. Irregularity in bowel motility may indicate colorectal (large intestine) cancer. Easy bleeding and the inability to stop bleeding are the most important symptoms of bone marrow cancer. Blood in urine, is a sign of prostate and urinary bladder cancers. In pancreatic cancer, sharp pain is felt in the upper part of the abdomen. In oesophagus cancer, difficulty in swallowing is known to be a symptom while hoarseness is a symptomin throat cancer. In skin cancer,mole or an ulcer may be seen in the skin. Apart from these symptoms, there are hundreds of symptoms seen in different types of cancer. For this reason, it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately if an unexplained change is detected in the body.