Beste ARSLAN (MSc)

Beste was born in Nicosia in 1987. I graduated from ITU Geological Engineering in 2009 and completed her master's degree on Soil Mechanics and Environmental Geotechnics at Imperial College London in 2010. I am a researcher and fellow of the project initiated by the Cancer Research Foundation since 2013 to identify carcinogenic heavy metal pollution in the TRNC. Now, I am continuing the project at Cyprus International University and I am a PhD in Environmental Engineering. I try to support our foundation's volunteering projects whenever I have the opportunity.

Demet Karşılı

Since 2013, we have been actively carrying out Parkeology activities with KAV, a specialist archaeologist, KŞK field team leader, Professional Guide, KAV Parkeology Children's Activity Coordinator and a child who always wants to stay dirty with healthy soils 🙂. Since I think it is important and urgent to find answers to the questions of why we become cancer and how we prevent, I said, I have a small share with my little friends. There is absolutely soil in the raw material of everything but everything we see. We want to take whatever we give to the soil from prehistoric times, to tell today's children one to one to the elders of tomorrow, to make them touch, see and feel. We want the children to know that it is possible to grow with healthy soil as before and it is in our hands! In short, for this, we are investing in our tomorrow with my heartfelt archaeologist friends. 😉

Fehime Alasya

I was born in Nicosia in 1983, I live in Nicosia. I graduated from EMU Communication Faculty in 2006. After many work experiences, I have been a news reporter in the HALKIN SESI newspaper as a member of the press for about four years. I have been a Cancer Research Foundation Volunteer Member for years. I am married and have a five years old son. As a spouse, a mother and a business woman, I create opportunities for myself and take part in various projects of the Cancer Research Foundation. The pleasure and happiness of fulfilling the responsibilities I took in the foundation, getting to know new people, being a link in a chain seems to me like psychological therapy. I am very happy to be involved in social responsibility projects.

İmge Tonyalı

He was born on May 11, 1981 in Nicosia. In 2004, he graduated from the Public Relations and Publicity Department of the Faculty of Communication, NEU. In 2004, he started his career as a Human Resources Officer at NEU Grand Library. Since 2006, he has been working as a Faculty Coordinator at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of NEU. He is engaged in amateur photography. His works were included in the 14 March Medical Day mixed exhibition organized by NEU Hospital in 2012 and the Cancer Research Foundation's mixed exhibition held in 2015. He started to work as a volunteer at Cancer Research Foundation in 2012. Since October 2014, he has been the vice president of the KAV volunteer group.

Mohamad Fallaha

I was born in Aleppo, Syria in 1992. I graduated from the mechatronics engineering department and I continue my graduate studies at EMU. I have been working at EMU International Office for 3 years. Since February 2018, I have been working as a new member of the KAV volunteer team.

Mustafa Kanizi

I was born in 1956 Köfünye-Larnaka. I graduated from A.D.M.M.A (Gazi University) Electrical Engineering. S.B.O. affiliated to KTTİ. I worked as a power plant operator, technician and technical department for 15 years. Then I opened my workplace and worked as electrical engineer and contractor. I worked in many democratic community organizations. As KAV volunteer, I continue my -studies. Within the scope of my opportunities, E.M.O. and I participate in the work of the K.T. Diabetes Association.

Özge Yücesoy

Interior Architect and Architect. I have been working as volunteers at KAV events since 2009. As I like to research and share, I am happy to carry out awareness studies by extending my experiences about natural life and habitats to support the scientific studies of KAV. I believe that if we know the source, we can solve many problems and my hope increases with the results of KAV studies.

Pembe Sorel

I work as a civil servant in the Treasury and Accounting Department. I attend the works of our foundation in accordance with its purpose and vision in order to protect people and move them to a happy future with healthier steps with SEVGİM. In the Universe
I believe that we will save our world, which is important for human life, with love.
Because everything in the universe will change, the only thing that will not change is love.

Rezan Fahrioğlu Yamacı (PhD)

I am a geneticist and cancer researcher. Since 2005, I have been actively volunteering for KAV. By taking part in social and scientific projects, I make efforts to investigate the causes of cancer problem in TRNC and raise awareness of the public about cancer. We are constantly trying to convey it to our people with the activities we organize that it is possible to prevent cancer and live with cancer. Working with KAV gives me great peace and security in line with the world view of cancer.

Sevinç Miralay

I was born on 27.07.1960 in Kalavason-Larnaca. I work as a radio announcer at BRTK. I am working on social responsibility projects. I have been a member of the Bi-communal Choir for Peace in Cyprus since 1996. I have been working as a volunteer at KAV for 3 years.

Zehra Fahrioğlu

I was born in Nicosia in 1954. I graduated from British College. I retired from senior income and tax office in 2001. I have been working voluntarily since the foundation of KAV and I have been contributing to KAV's activities with the support of my social environment.

Peyman Pinar Ince (MSc)

Peyman Pınar Ince, who is one of the scholarship holders, was born in Nicosia in 1994. After completing her high school education at the Near East College with a good degree, she went to England for her further education. She received her BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine from The University of Nottingham and her MSc in Molecular Medicine from Imperial College London. During her time in UK, she worked on Ubiquitin-Proteasome system, on Nodal/TGF- signalling pathway and on breast cancer with Prof. Dr. Mustafa Djamgoz and his team. She is currently studying PhD founded by Cancer Research Foundation at the Cyprus International University, Biotechnology Research Centre, and her thesis is on breast cancer.

Sual Tatlisulu (MSc)

Sual Tatlısulu, who is the second scholarship holder, was born in Kyrenia in 1994. After completing her high school education at 19 Mayıs TMK, she went to Turkey for her bachelor degree at Hacettepe University and she graduated in 2016. She completed her master's degree at Cyprus International University (CIU) in 2019. In her Master’s thesis, she analyzed the content of propolis produced by bee populations in Cyprus and its effects on breast cancer. She is currently undertaking her PhD studies at Cyprus International University and has completed her second semester successfully.

Mustafa Cavusoglu (MSc)

Mustafa Cavusoglu was born in 1996 in Famagusta. He graduated from Gazimagusa Turk Maarif College and following this, he has completed his BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences in The University of Hull. After that, he followed his passion about cancer and cancer research and graduated from Cardiff University in MSc Cancer Biology and Therapeutics degree. During his post-graduate research, he had a chance to work in University Hospital of Wales, which is the biggest university hospital and important research centre in Wales. In this hospital, he had worked with Cardiff China Medical Research Centre laboratory which is the official collaboration of Cardiff University with University of Beijing to investigate the special gene activities in pancreatic cancer. Currently, he is doing PhD in Bioengineering at Cyprus International University and continuing cancer research. From January 2020, I am KAV volunteer and I have been joining every activity that supports the KAV.

Huseyin Beyaz (MSc)

He was born in 1994 in Famagusta, Cyprus. I graduated from Molecular Biology and Genetics programme in Eastern Mediterranean University, 2016 and Biomedical Sciences programme in Maastricht University, 2018. Currently, he is doing his PhD in Bioengineering Department in Cyprus International University. As a KAV volunteer, he has been trying to contribute to our foundation since March 2019.

Nurten Asina (MSc)

Nurten Aşina was born in Nicosia in 1995. After completing her high school education at the Lefkoşa Türk Lisesi, she studied Bioengineering BSc and MSc in Cyprus International University. In her Bachelor degree, she studied Synthesis of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles and in her Master Thesis she designed UV Cross-linkable Hydrogels for Drug Delivery in Tissue Engineering Applications. She is currently undertaking her PhD studies at CIU. She is also working as a Laboratory technician in Biotechnology Research Centre (BRC) -CIU. She started volunteering in KAV in 2020.